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God Created Me with Physical Imperfection &

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I wouldn’t want it any other way. It will be thirty years ago in November, I came into this world three months early, weighing in at 2 lbs. 6 oz.

I was supposed to be born in January, the doctors told my parents and my brothers they didn’t know if I would survive…my brothers answer each of them “yes he will he’s our brother”. One night I had a brain hemorrhage …….

Then they said if he may require 24 hour care, and he my not survive, again my family “yes he will”

My family never left my side & after some extensive time I was discharged to begin my life outside of the hospital walls…just about the time kids normally start to walk I wasn’t, we all knew then life for me was going to be different. At two years old I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. This was a result of the brain hemorrhage I had just after my birth, effecting every person differently the doctors were not sure of my effects initially.

Blessed with two of the greatest parents ever, they started me immediately on private physical therapy.

As time progressed I developed the appropriate cognative abilities for speech and mental processing, this meant I would be in mainstream schooling from Kindergarten on up, so the only true impact the CP had on me was my walking ability and my fine motor skills (handwriting) illegible if you don’t know me, extremely so for anyone if I get fatigued.

When I was young I walked with a walker thanks to the therapy because my parents thought that was best, I had never used a wheelchair until the summer of 1995, this was the year my parents and I moved from Chaska Minnesota to Santa Barbara California. Not knowing anyone my Mom enrolled me in Santa Barbara Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp, just as it sounds a wheelchair sports camp for kids with all levels of disability, staff made chairs available for kids like me who did not have their own.

I zipped around and had the time of my life all week, in fact life was about to change for me….forever….

I shocked myself and my parents when at the end of camp at family day, I was awarded the John Castro Memorial Award as the Most Outstanding Camper, the award was in fact a custom made wheelchair…during the course of the day as I did my activities my parents saw how much more freely I moved in the chair compared to my walker and to be honest as I continued to grow walking fatigued me horribly. So the award meant me with chair of my own and that was a perfect match.

Then some years the time came for me to learn to drive, my junior year in high school, my parents hired a hand control trainer to put me through my behind the wheel training because the CP would not allow me to safely operate the pedals with my feet. I passed my drivers test on the first try and haven’t stopped driving now some 12 years later.

Quite a long way and a big difference from near dead at birth to the need for 24 hour care….to driving I mean huh? The doctors said I wouldn’t, God told them “oh yes he will & he will do so by my hand”

The road to my independence today from birth through college to where I have a full-time job at a local hospital that I love more then anything in the world I could ever do for employment and have had now for nearly five years, wasn’t an easy one, I didn’t know why I was different and couldn’t play little league or high school sports, or why people stare…I went through stages where I hated my parents and the world…..but you know what? that was all then, today I see it all for what it truly was way back at my birth and still continuing today. God has given me physical imperfection as his gift.

People say “Brandon if you could trade anything just to walk, would you?” My answer “Absolutely not” for if I did I would not be me, and though I’m far from perfect being me is pretty awesome.

I have tremendous family and amazing friends, all of whom God has brought into my life over the course of these almost thirty years.

God gave me physical imperfection as a gift and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not fo me to doubt his reasons but only for me to trust in his plan.

I use my wheelchair and have hand controls in my car but these things are tools for my independence they do not define me…





Written by Brandon

July 11, 2012 at 10:11 pm

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