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David, Neil, & Dwight….The New Three Stooges

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The Timberwolves and Trailblazers have quite a history when it comes to player battles in recent years. First the Wolves took on what turned out to be an injured Martel Webster, the Blazers failed to disclose Webster had back problems…..

Then Blazers star Brandon Roy retired last year due to his knee issues, only to come out of retirement and sign with the Timberwolves, this one stings Portland because the amnestied Roy thus relinquishing rights to sign him as a free agent for three years.

Last but not least we have the preverbial jewel as it were in the battle royal, swingman Nicolas Batum, after weeks of speculation the frenchman has finally signed his offer sheet with the Wolves, the Blazers are now officially on the clock in this edgy game of chicken having 72 hours to match or lose Batum to the Wolves.

In recent days Minnesota GM David Kahn and Portland GM Neil Olshey have been engaged in sign and trade talks that have ranged to the moon (multiple first round picks) and back (with just players) for Batum’s services to come to the Wolves, Portland has vowed from day one they would match any Wolves offer for Batum, and in fact the two GM’s have behaved like babies in the media because of this BFB (Battle for Batum)

Ultimately here Portland holds all the leverage, Nicolas is a RFA so the Blazers have his rights. I want Batum on the Wolves but not for multiple first round picks, make it maybe one future first rounder and a player or two, but if it isn’t meant to be at a reasonable cost then it isn’t meant to be at all.

I expect the Blazers to match and thereafter we’ll see where the BFB goes, it may end outright but what would the fun be in that, I say Neil and David go meet Jerry…..maybe they can bring Dwight Howard too! Ha……



Written by Brandon

July 16, 2012 at 8:01 pm

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