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Merry Christmas Mom & Dad

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I haven’t written in a long time, a lot has transpired in my life since my last post. Going forward into next year I plan to be much more active on my page, I’ve been told I express myself well with written words.

Today I honor my parents

Dearest Mom and Dad,

Today is Christmas Eve the house is quiet but your memories respectively are speaking loudly in my heart. This is the first Christmas in 30 years I have neither one of you physically with me to celebrate, to say it feels normal would be a lie, but to say I’m not smiling would also be…

I smile because I know you are now together celebrating in heaven free of the cancer that took each of you from us far too soon. I smile because I think today about how Christmas Eve was always gift exchange day for us, and how we used to laugh because Mom wrapped all the gifts even her own 🙂 Yeah Dad we had wrapping skills didn’t we?

I smile because I think of how we always had “Christmas Milk” my name for egg nog.

I smile because I think of the year when I asked “why does Santa’s handwriting look like Mom’s?”

I smile because I think of the year when you both flipped me out of bed and in my pajamas made me go outside to see my first car with a big red bow on it.

I selfishly wish you were both here so that these next days feel like the Christmas I know, but there are no tears. I smile because each of these memories and they are just a few of hundreds are concrete things I can hold onto in remembrance of you, the greatest parents I could have ever asked for that make it feel a little more like Christmas should, no cancer can ever take that from me 🙂

As the years progress Christmas will make new memories but I promise yours will never be lost. I love you both with all my heart, I know this year I have two special angels in heaven.


Always and Forever,





Written by Brandon

December 24, 2012 at 12:37 pm

Posted in Family

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