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2012 Minnesota Vikings Opener (Record 1-0)

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Those that know me know that there has been a lot that has transpired in my life over the last month, some of it good some of it not. Thankfully a lot of the not that was once a dominate force is now more minor and running its course in the background and not the forefront of my physical or mental processes.

Those that know me know for the most part I’m quiet, reserved and normally very shy. That is until Sunday when the team of all teams in my fan kingdom takes the field in early fall to begin a journey I hope runs thru February.

Win or lose put a Minnesota Vikings game in front of me and I transform into a beast, some of it comes from me being Minnesota born, a lot of it comes from that and the fact that I never will have the chance to put on a helmet and pads and play for myself. I live my athleticism thru each of my Minnesota franchises, none more than the Vikings.

From the highs of 2010 and 1998, to the lows in those same years of Porter picking Favre and Anderson missing in the dome, even to the boat party on lake Minnetonka the Vikings have been my team and always will be…

Today was the opener for the 2012-2013 season, for this years Vikings team. A home game vs. Jacksonville this game also marked the return of the man who in today’s contest made history becoming the all-time leading rusher in franchise history, Adrian Peterson came back after a devastating knee injury just 8 months ago.

The game went to overtime when it shouldn’t have in my opinion due to some questionable play calling from our coaches on both sides of the ball. Today however the team showed resiliency and battled back for a win after forcing overtime by getting into field goal range from deep i their own end with only 20 seconds left in regulation. Rookie kicker Blair Walsh went 4-4 including a 55 yard field goal that would’ve been good from 60, and then making the fourth a 35 yard chip shot by comparison in the overtime.

Still a lot of improving to do and without doubt there will be struggles throughout the year as this team and it’s young QB Christian Ponder continue to grow. Already today though we are 1/3 of the way to last years win total. Already today for both good and bad play after a game I was left a bit hoarse from yelling at my TV…football is my sanctuary win or lose the world is always right.

I’m looking forward to this entire season, SKOL VIKINGS

A writeup from the Minneapolis Star Tribune can be found here




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September 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm

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Yo Adrian…I Got Your Back

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First off let me say that I have nothing but respect for law enforcement, and the sacrifices officers nationwide make to protect the streets across this country.

I have family members who serve in law enforcement some (now retired) and others still actively to this day, serve with honor protecting the citizens of their respective cities, investigating drug dealers to homicides and everything in between….

That stated I have to back up my boy, Minnesota Vikings Superstar All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson. AP was arrested over the weekend and charged with resisting arrest after a evening at a club in Houston Texas.

Details are still emerging but what we’ve heard at this point is Houston law enforcement came in at closing to clear out the club. Peterson was there and wanted a drink of water before departing, “Go Now” he was told, Peterson began making his way towards an exit when an officer jumped on his back, two more officers joined the fray and Adrian was placed into cuffs.

Officials said in a statement later on in the day that Peterson was arrested because he pushed an off duty officer who was working security. None of this makes sense to me

1) Adrian Peterson has always been a star that his kept his name out of the media for these legal reasons.

2) To be charged with resisting, should there not be a second charge that led for grounds to be arrested in the first place? For example if he did push someone where is the assault charge?

Peterson has hired well known defense attorney Rusty Hardin, who was quick to release this statement as outlined in a article posted this evening on Hardin says Peterson is the victim in fact he was struck in the face twice without provocation.

This makes most sense to me, it sounds in this case as though law enforcement was overzealous here, maybe there was a bit too much testosterone flowing and they wanted to “tackle the football star”

We will see how the legal process plays out, but I expect Peterson to be cleared and this whole case thrown out. If in the end guilt is found on his behalf, then Adrian should and will be rightfully subject to discipline by the legal system in Texas, the NFL & the Minnesota Vikings.

In this country “you are innocent until proven guilty” I say to Texas prosecutors “prove it”.



The one thing Adrian is guilty of in my eyes is perhaps less than stellar judgment, I mean after all he is rehabbing a very severe knee injury. He probably shouldn’t have been at the club at close, but the fact remains these charges and the surrounding circumstances do not make sense.

Written by Brandon

July 9, 2012 at 7:38 pm

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